The Glass Ocean by Beatriz Williams, Karen White, & Lauren Willig


Fans of Titanic, this is a MUST-read!  The opulence of the upper class in the early 1900's, and the sorrowful tale of a big ship on the brink of total devastation come together with the added twist of international spies and subterfuge.  Meanwhile, the interwoven love story is both romantic and heartbreaking.  The story, and the characters, come alive in these pages!


1.  Three authors penned this book together.  Do you feel that you can tell where one author's story stopped, and another jumped in?  If so, did it make the characters more realistic to have actual different voices behind them?

2.  Did Caroline make the right choice at the end?  Why or why not?

3.  Did Sarah write the RIGHT book after all her research?  Why or why not?


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