One Day in December by Josie Silver


I liked her style of writing, and I like how it spanned 10 years so we got to see the characters grow and change. My biggest issues is that I find the Lu/Oscar story too desperate and unbelievable, and I didn’t love Jack.  Female characters in this book rocked. Male...not so much.


1.  If Laurie has so perfectly, and so many times, described “bus boy” to Sarah, why didn’t Sarah notice that Jack could be him? Is it reasonable to think she might have given it a thought based on how invested she was with Laurie on finding him for that whole year?

2.  This book asks to think about “true love” versus “love” in relationships. Is it possible to feel like your heart belongs to someone, and still be in love with someone else?

3.  What do you think would have happened between Sarah and Jack if Sarah hadn’t met Luke?


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